Drinking diet

Drinking diet

The essence of a drinking diet is to avoid solid foods, that is, to drink only fluids. This diet will completely free us from the dependence on chewing (because we always chew - when sitting at the computer, watching TV). The slogan is "If you want to eat, drink water. "

Drinking regimen: you should drink up to 1. 5 liters of clean water a day.

How to follow a drinking diet

If you are overweight before the diet, reduce your daily calorie intake to 1200 kcal three days before the diet.

Permitted drinks

  • homemade broth,

  • beef, fish, vegetables, chicken broth,

  • freshly squeezed vegetable juice or fruit juice,

  • sugar-free tea,

  • compote,

  • jelly,

  • liquid dairy products with a fat content of not more than two percent.

Prohibited Beverages

  • alcohol,

  • soda.

Dietary advantages, disadvantages and contraindications

Contraindications to drinking diet:

  • kidney disease,

  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or intestines,

  • breastfeeding period,

  • pregnancy period.

Benefits of Drinking Diet:

  • active weight loss and volume reduction,

  • active body cleansing,

  • cleaning of slag and toxins,

  • narrowing of stomach volume and satiety with a small amount of food,

  • reduce the load on the digestive system,

  • Release of energy used for solid food processing

  • Ten days after following the diet, there is an improvement in well-being, lightness and strength.

  • You can create your own menu when switching between items - BUT! Products should be consumed in liquid form (dairy products, juices, soups - purees).

Disadvantages of drinking diet:

  • First I want to chew something constantly, there is a feeling of hunger - this is a more psychological problem, because we do not chew food and we can not chew stress. If you can't keep the diet for a long time, stay at least 7 days, it's easier to tolerate,

  • Suitable only for healthy people,

  • Weakness, apathy, fatigue may appear while following a drinking diet

  • Solid foods should be introduced gradually after the end of the diet, because the digestive system cannot digest coarse food only after ingestion of fluids.

  • If you start eating a lot immediately after the diet, your previous weight may return,

  • There is a vitamin deficiency in the body during the diet, so you need to take a vitamin-mineral complex.

Drinking Diet Menu

Depending on the duration of the drinking diet, there are 2 options: a strict drinking diet (30 days) and a soft drinking diet (7 days).

Important! You should know that a strict diet can disrupt the body's metabolism.

The diet of the soft version of the drinking diet includes: water (at least 1. 5 liters per day), tea, compote, jelly, low-fat broth, freshly squeezed vegetable juice and fruit juice, low-fat milkshake (two percent fat)You can sometimes use cocoa, - smoothies, liquid soups - purees.

You can set your own diet time (for example, you will observe for fifteen days and spend the same amount on dieting).

Drink a diet menu for 30 days

Hard drinking diet - only liquid. Designed for 30 days:

Breakfast: 1 glass of low-fat yogurt,

2nd breakfast: freshly squeezed orange juice,

Dinner: vegetable puree soup (Preparation: take 1 liter of low-fat broth, vegetables - potatoes, broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, onions. With puree in a blender. The consistency should be similar to kefir), a glass of green tea,

Snack: jelly from fruits or berries,

To eat: a glass of low-fat kefir.

The full course of the drinking diet is 30 days, the purpose of the diet is to gradually cleanse the body.

In the first stage of the diet (the first ten days) - the body is cleansed, the intestines are cleansed.

Attention!Sometimes there is a white coating on the tongue that needs to be cleaned.

In the next period (more than ten days) the kidneys and liver are cleansed, so you can feel discomfort in the area of ​​these organs.

In the 3rd stage of the diet (last ten days), the body is cleansed at the cellular level by strictly following the rules. No more worries, on the contrary, the person feels light, the general condition improves.

7-day drinking diet

1 DAYwe drink dairy products (low fat: drinking yogurt, boiled milk, milk, kefir),

2 DAYSvarious puree soup or broth: vegetables, fish, meat,

3 DAYScompote, freshly squeezed fruit juice from unsweetened fruits or berries,

4 DAYSjelly from fresh fruit or berries,

5 DAYScompote of fruit or berries or dried fruits,

6 DAYSoatmeal,

7 DAYSWe drink dairy products (low fat: drinking yogurt, baked milk, milk, kefir).

Drink clean water or milk tea between meals.

Important!If you follow any dietary choices, you should look at the stool - if you have persistent diarrhea, you should not follow the diet.

The right way out of the diet

The withdrawal should be gradual: if you have been on a diet for 30 days, the withdrawal should take two months.

First, we add liquid mucous porridge to the diet.

From the 2nd week you can eat porridge for lunch. We eat for breakfast - a sandwich with eggs or cheese and use liquid for dinner.

From the beginning of the 3rd week - we drink liquid for breakfast, you can have lunch with porridge, you can have lunch with fresh vegetables and fruits.

Week 4 - We eat liquids for breakfast, meat or fish for lunch, and vegetables or fruits for dinner.

From the 5th week onwards, drink fluids once a week. Limit your intake of fats and sweets.

Dietary Sports

Do not engage in strenuous physical activity, because in this case you need a lot of energy and a lot of calories. Otherwise, you will worry about feeling bad and may even break your diet.

During the diet, you can exercise in the morning, the abdomen shakes, you can bend the ring for thirty minutes.

You also need to peel and wrap. Otherwise, the skin will be sagging.

Drinking Diet Results

The results of a drinking diet are impressive. You can lose five kilograms in 7 days without harming your health. You can lose ten to fifteen pounds a month.

Many doctors think that drinking diet is harmful to the body. They offer to fast five or six times a month instead.

However, most of the opinions about the drinking diet of ordinary people are positive.

The diet can be repeated only after one year, ie not more than once a year.

Observing a drinking diet, you should pay attention to the condition of the body, if the body does not accept the diet, give it up.

You can't have "daily stools" with this diet. In this case, you should consume more fermented dairy products and water. If there is no stool for more than three days, you should leave the diet smoothly.

After finishing the diet, you can see that the waist has decreased by six centimeters, the lower abdomen by five centimeters, the hips by one centimeter, and the hips by three centimeters.


Fruit and vegetable juices for a drinking diet
  • It's hard to follow a diet for the first few days, but by the end of the first week, you don't feel hungry anymore.

    My diet was:

    For breakfast: a glass of cocoa or kefir or milkshake,

    Dinner: eat broth or puree soup in a small bowl,

    We have dinner: compote, or jelly, or fermented boiled milk, or a milkshake or yogurt.

    You can drink tea, water between meals (you can add ½ teaspoon of sugar to tea and add a little salt to the soup.

    Soup - mashed potatoes (with cheese, broccoli, beets and cabbage) I cooked without potatoes, not thick.

    Exit the drinking diet: gradually, because you haven't eaten solid food for a long time. Withdrawal from the diet should be equal to the duration of the diet.

    During the 1st week, you can drink yogurt for breakfast and eat dairy cereals (semolina, rice and other slimy cereals).

    During the 2nd week, you can add a light soup for lunch and eat a porridge or cheese sandwich for breakfast. You can switch to a regular diet this weekend.

    And then you can fast once a week.

  • I saw the following disadvantages of the drinking diet: it exacerbates gastrointestinal diseases, people become more nervous, want to eat regularly.

    I am already thirty years old and my metabolism has slowed down and I have started to follow a drinking diet as I started to gain weight. I started to follow a diet and do sports.

    Drink plenty of clean water throughout the day.

    I lost a kilogram on the first day. The second day I drank: a glass of unsweetened grape tea, 2 liters of freshly squeezed juice. On the third day, I was worried about weakness. But the feeling of hunger does not bother you. I drank freshly brewed coffee. I fell during the fourth day - I ate fruit puree for children, drank protein shakes, fruit tea. The chair is normal, I feel normal. On day 6, I drank brewed coffee with extra sugar. I could not keep a diet for more than a week.

    Lost ten pounds. Now I plan to get off the diet for a week more comfortably.

  • I gave birth to a baby and lost seventeen kilograms. I decided to follow a drinking diet - I lost seven pounds in 2 weeks. Then I repeated this diet once or twice. And finally, lost the planned weight.

    What I drink: tomato juice, various juices (I drank some of them), broths, milk tea, coffee with milk, water, mineral water, low-fat dairy products, sugar kefir.

  • I was thin since childhood, I started skiing, but then the doctors forbade me to do it, because every time I skied, I got a sore throat. As a result, I stopped exercising, but I ate too much and gained too much weight. I wanted to go on a diet, but I couldn't keep it for more than five days because I had to follow a strict diet. Trying to maintain a drinking diet, I realized that it was easier not to eat at all. During the first 2 days of the diet, it became difficult not to eat, and then it became easier. At first the weight didn't go away, but then I started taking measurements and realized that the volumes were decreasing. I lost eleven kilograms after the diet. I want to advise you: to avoid weight gain - get the right way out of the diet - it should be equal to half of the days of the diet, first we include porridge, mashed potatoes, then solid foods in the diet.

To summarize: The drinking diet is designed for people who want to lose weight but are not afraid of difficulties, because it is a tough but effective weight loss program that requires a lot of patience and great will!