A monthly weight loss program at home: exercise and diet

A woman who is thinking about losing weight often simply chooses a popular diet, a few exercises and tries to succeed with them, but an individual monthly weight loss program at home will be more effective. This plan takes into account the characteristics of the body, the causes of obesity, the desired goals, the rhythm of life. Can you compose yourself?

How to lose weight in a month

Losing weight during such a period is realistic, even without a special strict diet and daily strenuous exercise. However, the main condition will remain the same: you need to write a comprehensive program that will take into account changes in the menu, cosmetic procedures and physical activity. Depending on the size of the weight loss cycle, you can choose methods that do not harm your health. On a long journey to a beautiful body, there will be a clear definition of the first tasks: which zones to work, how many kilograms to lose weight - all this will form the basis of the weight loss schedule for a month.

Calorie content and portions

The energy value of the product is primarily what is required to learn a weight loss program for a month at home, but it is not a challenge to choose only those that are less than 100 kcal. Before you go shopping and make a menu, you need to know how many calories you can eat per day. This figure can be calculated independently using any of the 3 formulas used by nutritionists, or you can rely on online calculators. Any choice requires you to know your weight, height at the beginning of weight loss, be sure to indicate your age.

Calorie-related points on the menu:

  • Calorie requirements are different for someone who exercises and lives at home, so you need to assess your level of physical activity to lose weight properly.
  • You need to calculate the BJU ratio along with your daily calorie intake, otherwise you will not be able to see the results of the program.
  • When planning the menu, all the daily calorie content is divided so that breakfast and lunch are the most "heavy" - they take up to 400 kcal. Snacks should be in the range of 150-200 kcal. The rest is for dinner.
fruit and exercise to lose weight in a month

Drink regime

If you have low water intake, weight loss will be slow and even a strict monthly diet will not help. The breakdown of fats and their subsequent excretion without the required amount of fluid does not occur - this is a prerequisite for lipolysis, so the frequency of water consumption must be regulated. But if you drink coffee every day and think that the water balance is normal, you are very wrong: lipolysis only needs clean water, mineral water is allowed. Its amount is determined by individual calculations:

  • You should take 30 ml of water for each kilogram of body weight (undesirable, but available! ). For figure support - 40 ml.
  • On the days when you exercise, even at home, you will have to drink more, because you lose weight.
  • Allow yourself coffee? We have to compensate three times with very clean water. These are. For 200 ml of coffee you need 600 ml of water.
  • Tea, juice and other beverages are high-calorie foods, so they are not taken into account in the drinking regime.

Physical activity

Regular exercise is the key to losing weight with fat loss, but they must also be included in the table correctly and selected correctly for a particular person. A monthly weight loss program at home with excess weight can not include strength training or running, and with a few normal fitness exercises the body will do very little work. The needs for women and men are also different: it is pointless for the latter to pump the press, and it is undesirable for a woman to have a beautiful flat stomach.

The main conditions for competent action to lose weight:

  • Start with a walk.
  • The basis of the "sports schedule" for weight loss is aerobic exercise lasting 40-60 minutes. Such exercises should be performed at least 3 times a week.
  • The ideal body is strength training that you can do at home. However, when losing weight, they can only add a basic aerobic schedule to have a local effect on problem areas.
Exercises to lose weight in a month

Nutrition program to lose weight in a month

Not to harmful foods, but to plant foods: the classic rule of most diets to lose weight. However, this condition requires additions and clarifications, because each organism must choose an individual nutrition program so that weight loss is painless and at the highest rate for a particular organism. Even the list of forbidden foods is changing. The following conditions are a classic program that you can change for yourself.

Which foods reduce appetite

The dishes will be different during the month, especially if you collect recipes for healthy meals. However, in addition to general knowledge about the importance of eating plant foods and reducing sugar sources, it is desirable to know the key fighters for a beautiful figure with fat burning properties. These are mainly products that help to lose weight by increasing the intracellular temperature, which accelerates metabolic processes. Among them:

  • mint leaves, basil;
  • grapefruit, lemon;
  • a pineapple;
  • ginger;
  • cinnamon, cloves, etc. spices;
  • cabbage;
  • cranberry;
  • all greenery.

In addition, it is necessary to remember the products that help to suppress the feeling of hunger. Basically, these are protein sources that should be included in a 30-day weight loss program. However, appetite is suppressed and:

  • Bulgarian pepper;
  • all legumes;
  • dandruff;
  • avocado;
  • flax seeds;
  • almonds.
Bulgarian pepper to lose weight in a month

What can be excluded

There are 2 lists of junk food and foods, the choice between which is determined by the desired weight loss rate. If the weight loss program lasts a month, you can combine them: squeeze for a week, then eat according to the standard plan for 14-20 days and move on to stiffness for the rest of the month. Under such conditions, fat burning will be active, and such fluctuations in the menu are also beneficial for the body.

The first list of foods that the standard program requires to exclude is the classic list of prohibitions on proper nutrition:

  • all sweets, including homemade jam (undesirable sources of sugar for the figure);
  • any bakery products, even unleavened pita bread;
  • semi-finished meat products in the store (ingredients are not useful);
  • sausages, sausages, pork sausages, etc. (do not value the body due to dangerous ingredients);
  • semolina porridge (similar to flour, according to the principle of action on the figure);
  • fatty meats (not the amount of calories that prevent weight loss, but a blow to the pancreas);
  • preservation, pickles and pickles from stores.

If you are looking for an option to lose weight fast, you are allowed to tighten the meal plan for a short time, remove it and:

  • cereals, except buckwheat;
  • pasta;
  • potato;
  • fruits other than green apples and all kinds of citrus fruits;
  • oily fish;
  • salt.

How to make a meal plan

You have a lot of time to lose weight (except if you are obese, it takes several months to get rid of it), so a diet plan to lose weight may not be very strict. Healthy food will be a priority, but you have the right to receive rare prizes or cheating meals, as well as the opportunity to eat a little of your favorite food or food from the forbidden category. First, it will encourage you to stick to the program. Second, it needs to be "shaken" to prevent weight gain. There may be 2 such days in a month.

Here are some tips to help you plan your diet:

  • Pay attention to the composition of the product: proteins, especially of plant origin, can be consumed in the evening without compromising weight loss. Carbohydrates (cereals, pasta) will find their place in the morning and afternoon, as well as fats.
  • Remember that nutrition should be compared with a workout schedule (even at home): before exercise, you can eat protein with a small portion of complex carbohydrates, and then - only protein.
  • It is not worth combining meat with porridge or pasta, so as not to stop the rate of weight loss. The exception is before physical activity.
  • Calculate the caloric content of the menu separately for "quiet" days and training days.
weight loss products per month

Approximate menu for a month for a day

The number of products offered to you under the terms of this program is large, and the options for heat treatment are large, so the diversity of the diet should not be a problem. You can prepare boiled, baked and baked goods, but if you are seriously interested in losing weight for a month, it is advisable to eat plant foods raw. Eating large amounts will help prevent hunger, and small portion sizes will help prevent overeating.

Considering 1 detox day at home during the day, your menu in the monthly weight loss program can look like this:

Breakfast Snack Supper Lunch snack Supper
Monday Oatmeal with almonds Homemade yogurt Baked chicken breast with tomatoes Grapefruit Low-fat cottage cheese, greens
Tuesday Rice porridge with dried apricots Hard cheese, a cup of tea Buckwheat porridge, asparagus beans Orange juice Vegetable salad
Wednesday Steamed omelet Low-fat cottage cheese Chicken broth, vegetables Baked pears Kefir, bran
Thursday Oatmeal with honey A glass of tomato juice, whole grain bread Cooked cabbage Steamed cheesecakes Cooked lean fish
Friday Millet with pumpkin A pair of peaches Vegetable juice, a piece of lean meat Boiled eggs, vegetable salad Tomatoes, boiled shrimp, cucumbers
Saturday Rice porridge with grapes Orange Casserole of zucchini with peppers and tomatoes Cereal bread, avocado, cheese Low-fat cottage cheese
Sunday Orange juice Green apple Cabbage salad with beets Carrot and apple juice Kefir, bran

Weight loss exercises at home

It is advisable to schedule a physical activity course with a specialist to help you assess your health and choose exercises that are not harmful. A classic home weight loss program for a month definitely includes any aerobic exercise, ie. maintain heart rate in the fat burning zone. If you have problem areas that are difficult, it makes sense to add strength training to them.

Fitness program

If you have excess fat, you will have to start with active cardio loads, which can be represented by running, jumping rope (if the height of the ceilings allows), dancing. The video course with the training program will also be effective: Jillian Michaels, Sean Tee, Janet Jenkins and others. In addition, you can choose exercises for a month, which will complete your course.

gymnastics to lose weight in a month


Weight loss with aerobic exercise with normal body weight is slow, because it is long overdue, so the program should be completed with strength training. Girls can limit themselves to a small working weight (5 kg dumbbells), perform squats from exercises, push from different positions. The frequency of strength training is twice a week, 20-25 minutes.


If you are not obese, this option of physical activity must be included. Intermittent exercise is an easy way to change your figure for the better, because it is the most effective in burning fat. The essence of the lesson: the exercise is performed at a high pace for 20 seconds, followed by rest (10 seconds) and the next exercise. One workout lasts 20 minutes, which is more effective than a full hour of fitness. It is advisable to give yourself interval loads every day.


This activity can be both classical strength training and interval training. The main focus is on the development of all parts of the body: ie. You work the muscles of the arms first, then the back, then the abdomen, hips, thighs, legs, and the circle is repeated. This type of training at home is most effective if the work is intermittent: for example, on the eastern floor.

Incentive program

Experts say that the ideal choice is to combine several types of physical activity, but with the transition to aerobic activity, which is responsible for burning fat. If you only do strength training or even just interval training, weight loss at home can be "one-sided" - either the fat deposits will disappear, but the body will remain swollen, or you will not lose as much weight as a pump. Lift the muscles upwards.

You can get a beautiful figure with the following home schedule that is repeated every week:

  • Monday is fitness.
  • Tuesday - interval cardio (tabata) + stretching.
  • Wednesday - recovery (rest)
  • Power for fitness + challenge area on Thursday
  • Friday is fitness.
  • Saturday - recovery (rest).
  • Sunday - circular power + stretching.