Top 10 most effective exercises to lose weight on the abdomen and sides

The "rescue wheel" at the waist is a problem familiar to many women. You too? Then try these proven abdominal and side weight loss exercises.

Lift your body to lose weight

How and why does fat accumulate in the body?

By understanding the mechanism of this process, it will be easier for you to set up a weight loss program and reduce the size of problem areas. "Fat is stored because there are too many calories in the diet. This is the extra energy that the body stores, " he explains.Victoria Kasilova,personal trainer and founder of a personal fitness laboratory.Imagine this: You take money, you buy gold bars, you put them in a safe, you lock them with a key. Now imagine that you have decided to get this money back. First you need to find the key to the safe, open it, take out these bars, go and exchange them for money. It is the same with lipolysis: to start the process of burning fat, you need to activate many factors: a certain hormonal background, a lack of calories. It is necessary to create such a need for energy that the body itself wants to use these resources. "

Remove the sides and abdomen: where to start?

By understanding that the human body cannot lose weight locally, that is, only in a certain area. "You put on extra pounds and lose weight according to your constitution and genetics, " he says. Ekaterina Demidova, master trainer in the field of group programs.

To get rid of the infamous "sides" and make your stomach more flattering, you will generally need to lose weight - re-establish your diet and exercise.

However, you need to choose them wisely. "There is a myth that we burn fat where we train muscle, " says Victoria Kasilova. - This is not true. Because the process of burning fat does not occur locally, but throughout the body. But we can work on the problem area. From what point of view? Build muscles there, develop strength or mobility. Specifically, we can not burn fat anywhere, because it is calculated according to the characteristics of your body. Someone easily and quickly loses volume in the area of the legs, someone - in the abdomen, and someone first reduces the chest, upper back and only then everything. First of all, the body rejects fat from places where it is less important to maintain it. And from the most important places for her (most often in women are only the abdomen, sides and hips), it gives "reserves" worse.

Therefore, a balanced weight loss program will include strength training, cardio, and proper nutrition.

Losing belly fat: The main mistakes

The most common mistakes coaches make are:

Use thermo-corsets or plastic bandages in training."There is a widespread myth that we lose weight where we sweat, " said Victoria Kasilova. "But that's not the case. Fats don't go with sweat. If everything was so simple, you could just go to the sauna to lose weight. In fact, as a result, only fluid escapes. And sometimes, well, it is necessary. "you increase. "

Also - you run the risk of damaging internal organs. "For example, during exercise, the corset increases the pressure on the internal organs, disrupts blood circulation and prevents the deep muscles from working, " warns Ekaterina Demidova.

Refusal of functional training.The idea of losing belly fat fast is so appealing to some that they ignore any workouts and leave only pressures on the fitness charts for the press. And in vain! "First of all, there are no untrained, empty abdominal muscles pumped into the abdomen, " says Victoria Kasilova. "When a person starts training, first there is a noticeable relaxation in the arms, legs, back, and only then - abs cubes. "

And all this can be achieved only when you have strength and functional training in your "sports menu", that is, you will still have to work with all the muscles of the body.

Second, abdominal exercises themselves do not require as much energy as many basic movements, such as squats, deadlifts, and push-ups. "To create higher caloric expenditure (the main condition for losing weight on the abdomen, sides and the whole body) you need to work large muscles. This is similar to how a car engine works: " small car "consumes a little gasoline, SUV - several times more. , SUVs are the muscles of the legs, and "running" are the muscles of the press.

In addition, working too hard in the abdomen alone can damage your lower back. "If you don't know how to work your body and fanatically load your abdominal muscles, you can get more back injuries, hernias or bulges than a beautiful abdomen, because these movements have a compressive effect on the spine, " Victoria adds.

To train useless or inappropriate.The first includes side bends with weights. "It is not effective to fight with the sides in this way. In this way you will not thin your back. Strengthen some muscle groups, but you will not get the expected effect. It will not help. Instead, it is better to make a diagonal bend while lying down, it is safer for the waist, "recalls Victoria Kasilova.

Experts do not recommend doing very complex exercises that are only available to highly trained people: athletes, fitness models. "Take the hanging legs, for example. It is believed to be a workout for the press, " says Victoria Kasilova. If your muscles are poorly developed, they will get tired at first, the press will simply not open. If this happens during a real hang-up, not on a stand, you must have strong arms and back muscles to support your body.

Who should do abdominal and lateral exercises

Experts recommend focusing on working the muscles of the press only in some cases. "This zone should be applied separately for beginners, and for those who are generally unprepared - after rehabilitation, postpartum. Here, an easy type of bending while lying on the ground, similar exercises on wooden and fixed supports will be useful, " says Victoria Kasilova. It is necessary to connect the pelvis in a single unit. The connection between these zones is soft. To make it difficult and able to do regular exercises, you need simple exercises for the abdominal muscles to cope with household chores without injuring your back.

The same goes for athletes. "For those who are preparing for competitions - for example, fitness bikinis, it is worth including in the training sessions for the press, " adds Victoria Kasilova.

If you train for a long time and do not intend to participate in fitness bikini competitions, there is no point in hitting the press extra. "When a person has been training for a while, developing coordination, abdominal exercises are removed from the program as a priority. In large exercises, the abdominal muscles work as a stabilizer, supporting your body when doing weights, squats, boots, bench presses, deadlifts, push-ups.

The most effective exercises to lose weight on the abdomen and sides

There are many types of exercises for this area, but not all of them can give you the desired effect. In addition, not all exercises are available for training at home. "I would recommend doing exercises that are technically simple at home. It is advisable to develop a program of different movements: the press consists of many small fibers located at different angles. You can use all of them by combining different exercises, " adds Victoria Kasilova.

We asked the experts to compile a list of the most effective, easy and simple abdominal muscle movements. Here they are:

  • Board."This is a versatile exercise that actively engages the deep muscles, including the transverse abdomen and obliques. You can perform different types of boards - classic, lateral or dynamic, the main thing is to perform them skillfully and correctly. "It will be more effective to perform a few short boards called" fractions "with a pause of seconds, " said Ekaterina Demidova.
  • Incomplete curls."When performing a twist, just climb to the lower edge of the shoulder blades to activate the rectus abdominis muscle and oblique, " explains Catherine.
  • "Square".Ekaterina Demidova recalls: "In this situation, when done correctly, you can work the main muscles in an isolated state. "

Exercises that are not directly "intended" for this area will also help you use your abdomen and sides effectively. This is almost the entire power base - squats, deadlift, etc. "It should be understood that abdominal exercises always work not only the abdominal muscles, but also the whole nucleus - the muscles in the middle. Join the body, sternum and pelvis, " - concludes Victoria Kasilova.

We asked Victoria to show us a series of exercises that take into account all these factors.

How to set up a lesson

  • Start your workout with some simple joint exercises or a 10-minute cardio workout. This will help prepare your muscles and joints for stress.
  • Perform all exercises in sequence.
  • Watch your breath: the main effort should be focused on exhalation.
  • Do this program 4-6 times a week.
  • Gradually increase the load. "Adaptation of the body (and therefore a change in appearance) occurs only when stress creates an excessive load, " said Victoria Kasilova. "Therefore, it is advisable to gradually make the lessons more difficult each week: use weights, increase the number of repetitions. "
  • Complete your workout with cardio workouts. If your schedule does not include regular strength training, be sure to add cardio to your core complex - 40-50 minutes of swimming, cycling and jogging two or three times a week will suffice. "Cardio will cost a lot of calories, with the help of which we can remove some fat, but training for the press will help strengthen muscles, " concludes Victoria Kasilova.

To complete the complex you need a carpet and a football.

Straight curls

Lie on your back with your knees slightly bent. Bury your lower back on the ground. While working on your abdominal muscles, lift your shoulder blades off the ground, extend your arms, and touch your knees with your palms. Do not strain your neck and shoulders. Lower your back neatly to the floor. This will be a repeat. To realize15-20 of them.

Oblique curls

Lie on your back with your knees slightly bent. Bury your lower back on the ground. Working with the abdominal muscles, lift your shoulder blades off the ground as you breathe and turn your body to the right. Stretch your arms out in front of you. Do not strain your neck and shoulders. Return smoothly to starting position. To realize15-20 repetitionsin every direction.

Reverse throbbing

Lie on your back with your arms outstretched across your body. Bend your knees slightly and lift your legs up. Bury your lower back on the ground. Using your abdominal muscles, lift your pelvis off the ground as you breathe in and bring your feet closer to the back of your head. The abdomen should touch the thighs. Smoothly lower yourself to the starting position. To realize15-20 repetitionsexercises.

Torsion with pelvic lift

Lie on your back, put your hands on the lock behind your head. Relax your neck and shoulders. Bury your lower back on the ground. Pull your legs up, cross your heels. While breathing, using your abdominal muscles, lift your shoulder blades and pelvis on the carpet at the same time. Return smoothly to starting position. To realize15-20 repetitionsexercises.

Side bar in dynamics

Lie on your right side, bend your right arm at the elbow and lean on your forearm. Extend your legs and lie on the floor with the sides of your feet, placing your left hand on your thigh. Do not bend back down. With exhalation, lift the pelvis off the ground, work the abdominal and back muscles. Stabilize at the top for 3-4 seconds, return to starting position. To realize20 repetitionsin every direction.

Turn your legs from a prone position

Sit on a carpet with straight legs. Lean back a little. Bend your elbows, pull back a little and lean on your wrists. Bend your legs at the hip joint and extend them upwards. Bury the sacrum on the ground. Working with the press, core, and thigh muscles, move your toes and straight legs to the left, return to the center, and lower to the right. This will be a repeat. To realize10-20this kind.

Body lifts in fitball

Lie on your left side in a fitball, placing your body and pelvis on the ball. Extend your legs and lie on the floor with the sides of your feet. Bend your left hand and place your palm behind your head. With your right hand, lean lightly on the ball in front of you. Working with the muscles of the press and core, gently tear the upper body from the fitball while breathing. Do not bend or bend down. Return to starting position with an inhalation. This will be a repeat. By20-30 of them in each direction. . .

Lifting the pelvis in fitball

Put your feet on the football and stand on a board that supports your straight arms. Do not add back arc or bending. Bend your knees and work your abdominal muscles, pushing your pelvis up. Pull the hips toward your abdomen, bringing the fitball closer to your arms. Return smoothly to starting position. This will be a repeat. To realize20-30 of them.

Lowering the legs with a fitball

Lie on your back, stretch your legs forward, squeeze the fitball between your legs. Extend your arms across your body. Lift your legs up with a fitball perpendicular to the floor and lower them at an angle of 30-40 degrees using your abdominal and core muscles as you breathe. This will be a repeat. To realize20-30 so. . .

Dynamic board

Emphasize by stretching on straight arms. Do not increase the lower back arch, relax your neck and shoulders. Activate the muscles of the front surface of the body - the muscles of the body, thighs, arms. Then, in turn, bend your elbows and lower yourself to the front armrest. Return to starting position. Repeat the exercise as much as possibleOne minute. . .

When can we expect results?

Many experts agree: losing weight quickly (for example, within 10 days) will damage your health and lead to weight gain at the same rate. In addition, there is a great risk that the returned pounds will "bring friends" - the body will store fat during a new hunger strike or a tiring workout.

It makes more sense to lose weight gradually. "Our efforts are always directly proportional to our results. By following a proper diet and exercising 4-5 times a week, you will definitely see the first results in a month. But remember that the weight loss process is very individual, always the characteristics of each and say. ""Initial information should be taken into account. The main thing is not to focus on difficulties, but on what you want to achieve, and then you will surely achieve any goal, " says Ekaterina Demidova.

So pay attention to our training scheme, do it regularly and you will be able to see the first results of weight loss in a month.